Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

If you need to speak to a solicitor about the following matters or any other matters concerning Wills & Probate, please contact Callan & Co. Solicitors on 042 932 8053:

  • Making a Will.
  • Changing a Will.
  • Wills for couples, including same-sex couples.
  • Advice on the terms of another person’s Will, for example a spouse or parent.
  • A person has passed away without leaving a Will.
  • Administration of an estate.
  • You have been appointed an executor.
  • An executor is not administering the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.
  • Taxation issues.
  • Inheritance disputes.

Everybody should make a will and review it on a regular basis. A person should always review their will following a change in circumstances, for example, marriage, separation or the birth of a child.

The term “Probate” refers to the legal process of “proving” the validity of a deceased’s Will. This is done by submitting the appropriate papers to the Probate office. When the probate office is satisfied that everything is in order, a “Grant of Probate” will issue.

There is a similar process involved where a person dies intestate (without leaving a will). In cases of intestacy, the probate office issues “Letters of Administration”.

Once a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration are obtained, the estate of the deceased person can be distributed. The estate may consist of property, insurance policies, money or other possessions. The administration of a person’s estate usually involves paying the debts of the estate before proceeding to distribute the assets in accordance with the terms of the will or under the rules of intestacy.

If you wish to discuss any of the above matters or any other issue relating to wills or the administration of an estate, please contact Callan & Co. Solicitors on 042 932 8053.