Personal Injury / Accidents

If you have been in an accident or suffered a personal injury, contact us without delay. We are one of the leading firms in the area of personal injuries litigation having secured several high-profile settlements and awards on behalf of our clients in recent years.

Types of accidents we can assist with you with –

We can assist you with any type of accident which caused you to sustain a personal injury. The following are the most common types of accidents in which we receive instructions:

  • Car accident
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Falls in public places
  • Falls in pubs / shopping centres
  • Fatal accident claims
  • Accidents abroad
  • Airline passenger claims
  • Accidents including animals
  • Whiplash accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Injuries to children
  • Injuries to children in schools / play areas
  • Farm accidents

What to do if you have been involved in an accident –

  • Report the accident – For example, if your accident occurred in a retail premises or licensed premises, you must report your accident to staff
  • Report your accident to Gardai (if applicable)
  • Take pictures
  • Take note of witnesses, if any
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries
  • Contact us on 042- 9328053

Personal Injuries procedure –

  1. Consultation – Once you contact us, it will be necessary for us to hold a consultation with you in order to take a full account of the accident. We may require you to take some steps prior to our consultation, for example, we may require you to report the accident to Gardai if this hasn’t already been done.
  2. Post Consultation – If you do not have all of the necessary information to hand, we will obtain the information on your behalf. We will also write to your doctor requesting that they complete a medical report detailing the injuries you have suffered.
  3. Application – Your doctor will usually forward your completed medical report within a few short weeks. When we receive the report, we will hold further consultation with you for the purposes of reviewing your medical report and completing your submission to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (“PIAB”). Please note that since 2003, any person who has suffered personal injuries, is required to submit an application for compensation to PIAB.
  4. PIAB – Once PIAB receive your submission they will commence the assessment process. If your matter does not settle at the PIAB stage, we will issue an serve Court Proceedings on your behalf.

Required Details –

Please do not worry if you do not have the details to hand as we can obtain these on your behalf. It will however enable us to progress your matter if you have the following:

Location of the accident
Date of the accident
Identity of the person to whom the accident was reported
Identity of witnesses, if any
If applicable, registration(s) of vehicle(s) involved.

Contact us –
If you have been in an accident or you have any queries regarding the above matters, contact us without delay on 042 932 8053.